I’m writing this 3 day’s after staying for my 8th or 9th time at the Bullock Hotel.  I can say that at this point I am seasoned and now know enough to realize that what ever is in this hotel, will not hurt me.  However, the experiences I had still really bother me.

We were issued room 203 for our stay, and being that it was St. Patrick’s day, we could only book the room for 3 nights and needed to check out that Friday.  Niki did let the front desk know that if for some reason someone cancelled for Friday, that we would take the room.  Well, we got lucky that actually happened.  We were booked for room 213 for Friday night!

Room 203

room 213 bullock hotelI remember years ago, before third part reservations, that you could actually pick the room you wanted to stay in.  Not anymore, unless perhaps you talk to front desk.  I haven’t actually tried that, so don’t take my word for it.  Anyway, we booked online and didn’t know what room we would get until we arrived.  And not that it would really matter for me, the Bullock is amazing and I would stay in any room that was available.  But let me at least give my honest opinion about 203.

203 is located right at the top of the steps of the second floor, near the mirror that sometimes has a hidden “A” in it.  It is probably one of the smaller rooms I’ve stayed in, and personally I didn’t care for it.  It was really HOT, and the bathroom was very small compared to the others.  If the temperature was better controlled, I may have liked it much better.  The weird thing about it was, our neighbor right next door to use,  whom we befriended right away, complained that their room was WAY too cold?  How could that be, we are right next to each other?

We convinced them to change rooms, which they did.  They actually got 203 the night before we did.  I borrowed my ghost meter to them for the night, and wished them luck!  I’ll go into that a little bit later.

Did we experience and paranormal activity?  Honestly, after we left I started to ponder a few things.  For the most part, the room besides being hot, didn’t give me any strange feelings or make me stay up all night.  But, there were some random voices I heard.

I few times, at random I heard voices.  I thought I heard Niki come out of the bathroom and say “OH MY GOD”!  So, I waited for a moment and asked her, what?  What is oh my god?  She looked at me like I was making something up.  That may have been the clearest voice I heard.  But it was probably another 3 more times that I had to ask her, what she had said?  Annoyed by me, she snapped back with I didn’t say anything!  O—K…, so am I going crazy?  I really didn’t think anything of that, but in hind-site, that is something that has never happened, nor doesn’t happen to me.

I believe, that I may have experienced my first audio paranormal voices.  Now to be fair, I can decipher the difference between voices outside and in the hallway.  THIS time, I truly thought, Niki was talking to me.  Spooky!

Upgrade to Room 213

room 213 bullock hotelWe can finally check out of the hottest room on earth, yah!!  Ha, seriously it was warm and dry and we were happy to upgrade.  Funny the staff that was around at the time including the house keepers were like , oh you’re going to have some fun experiences in that room!  For me, I was like cool, but not really expecting much.  I mean, at this point I feel like I have had many sleepless nights in the hotel,  I’ve caught a ghost in a picture down in the bar, what more could happen?

We went out to explore while our rooms were changed over.  We stopped at the gold dust, and had some really good luck on the slot machines.  And we bounced over to the Midnight star, and lost half of it.  We manged to make it to the deadwood cigar store and had a stogy and a few good beers.  Went up stairs to the oyster bar and did an oyster shot!  I highly recommend those!

Needles to say, it was about 6 o’clock when we checked in to the room.  Liked it, noticed it was about 28 degrees cooler than the other room.  Two beds, big bathroom and a fridge!  Loved it, but the afternoon has taken a toll so we decided to take a nap.  We probably didn’t wake back up until 9pm that night.  It was the pub crawl in deadwood, so I said let’s go down to bully’s bar before it closes.  We did, and it was so much fun.

We get back around 10:30 and decide to just relax and have a glass of wine and watch Tv.  At this point I still feel like, I can handle anything and if there were something to haunt us, it probably wouldn’t happen to us.

Some strange Stuff starts to happen

Being that there were two beds in the room, we each took one and laid there watching Tv and had a glass of wine from Belle Joli down the street.  And that’s when the weird started!

bullock hotel hauntedNiki starts to see things out on the balcony.  I think, well maybe one of the people celebrating got out on the thin patio that wraps around the back of the building.  But how? All the doors and windows are sealed shut and drilled to make sure no one gets out there.  OK well maybe it was a shadow that reflected to the window and well what ever.  The thing is, she described a dude that sort of looked like Charlie Utters character in the series DEADWOOD, short and particularly the style of the hat.

I’ve heard, that happens there, but mostly for Seth Bullock.  And I know, Utter died somewhere in South America.  But, it doesn’t have to be him, It was an old gold rush town where lots of violence happened  So, for sure, that is possible.

Later on, she starts to focus on her lap.  She is wrapped in a blanket on the bed, but starts to say something is sitting on her lap.  Something, or more like two children ,one ten and one 4 or 5.  She describes the weight and that I should hand her my ghost meter.  Meanwhile, Im sort of skeptical and doubting her claims, but hand her the meter anyway.  They do spike but it doesn’t last.  The two were gone, but she is puzzled by the experience but yet turns to me and without question tells me who they were and their ages.  She is a school teacher and does have that quality that draws you in, particularly with children.

Still skeptical, I lay back in my bed and sort of just watch her as she is stunned, but watches the television as if nothing happened.  That’s when I notice the Kleenex make a movement that was unnatural.  It moved as if only one side was being folded towards me.  That’s it, one move and done.  I tested it, by blowing HARD over by it, I wondered if wind did it.  Perhaps, but from my point a view, that was intentional and not something like air, or random gravity did.

I can’t speak for her, I trust her very much and knowing that i’ve experienced paranormal stuff I think well I guess so. But really, I still sort of don’t belive her.  And anyone reading this will probably think the same.  A story is a story, and evidence can really help this.  Why should I doubt her?  She falls asleep and I stay up for a few more hours watching TV.

My night starts to get weird

Other than Niki’s story/experience I feel really good about the room.  I don’t care about ghost and am happy that I can probably sleep tonight and not worry about anything.  But, I still am not sure, I keep the lights and TV on anyway.  I have the meter set up on my lap and watch it vigorously.  The temperature goes up and down and occasionally the emf spikes.  I still feel fine about the room but can’t fall asleep.  I suppose I was waiting for something to happen.

Deadwood SdNot much was going down, it was around 3am that I finally start to doze off, lights and Tv still on and Niki and I in separate beds.  And that’s when….

There is something on my body

I wake up suddenly because the bed just vibrated, or bounced back as if someone jumped on it or rolled out of bed.  I woke up to the sudden physical movement of the bed, it moved, it moved as if there were a human in it, as if they were sitting on the edge of the bed and got up, or the other way around, maybe they say down fast.  Either way, I woke up to something that moved the bed, enough to wake me up from it.

I knew for sure, I wasn’t alone anymore.  I wondered why that had happened, I wondered what could happen next, could I go back to sleep or what?

I was able to go back to sleep and im not really sure for how long until I was awoken from my next physical act.

This time I wake up to a violent rapid physical attack on my right foot.  It was something that has never happened before in my life, It was as if something poked me hard 4 or 5 times really fast in a tender spot on my ankle.  But on top of that, I woke to feel the pressure pushing back on me, as if someone was laying on my legs so I couldn’t move them.  My entire body felt electric and filled with static and cold feeling.  At that instant, I knew, I was having paranormal activity.  I jerked my leg, and it took more power to do that than usual.  What ever was holding me down was strong, but not enough to paralyze me.  Tired, confused, I tuck my leg under the blanket and eventually go back to sleep.

DSCF0034It happens again, but this time the other leg and ankle.  Now, I know for sure that just doesn’t happen.  On top of the electric, and cold feeling, I know for sure I am being haunted.  I have no balls, I don’t ask questions, I don’t tell it to get lost.   I’m just not that brave!

Now I can’t sleep, I won’t sleep.  I lay there staring over at Niki, and watching to see if anything happens to her.  I can honestly say that yes, I watched her, I watched the blanket make movements that weren’t by her.  I watched her fingers move, I watched the blanket move up unnaturally, and not from her.  But im awake and nothing seems to happen to me other than few small static electric cold spots that visit me.

Day light has arrived and I can finally fall asleep.  I do, and wake a few hours later.

This room is full of spirits, that love to physically mess with people.  I wish I had more equipment with, I wish I had a voice recorder with.  But I didn’t.  This was said to be the most haunted room in the hotel, I feel our experience was probably minor to what happens to some.  Non the less, I have never felt that electric force over my body before.  That was a real thing!  That thing physically did something to both my ankles while holding my legs down.  I still feel the weird sensation that happened in those spots.

What ever is in room 213 is a real paranormal thing.  I want to know more about it, I need to know who was messing with us, and why?  If it’s smart enough to mess with us, it may be smart enough to communicate with special equipment.


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