Room 210 Haunting update 2012

From the Main street of Bullock hotel, Deadwood, SD


This is really cool, David Helmcamp left a comment that needed to be shared.  Read what David had to say about his stay in room 210…

“Just stayed 2 nights in room 210 with my wife..the first night I experienced a something lifting a ball like object over my head and placed it on the headboard. The second night A figure of a lady walked a foot by me while i laid in bed. dressed in 1800 victorian style dress, auburn hair in a bun type, with a small red rose on the side of her hair. she looked to be in her 40`s or 50`s she just stared straight ahead like i wasn`t there. I went to reach for her but she was gone in 3 seconds.”

Wow!  Thank’s for sharing David!

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3 Responses to “Room 210 Haunting update 2012”

  1. Update on my stay in room 210. I happen to record the 2nd night of our stay. I laid the micro-recorder on the floor by the bed. I finally had a chance to listen to it when I got home. The hair on my arms stood straight up as I catch two females laughing at my snoring, and while asking my wife (while she slept) if she heard that, (which she did`nt), A male voice follows “Holly” , it was mocking me calling out my wifes name…..I have the tape, I need it analyzed, any help or suggestions on this…It`s totally shocking…So much going on at the BullockHotel….I truly believe they are friendly and are interacting spirits.

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