1. Strong feelings of presence felt inside rooms and in hallway areas on 2nd and 3rd floors. Also same feelings felt in the restaurant area (Bully’s).

2. Rooms 211, 205, 209, 305, 315, 313, 207, and 302 have all had some sort of paranormal activity reported in them. The staff informed me that room 211 is where Sheriff Seth Bullock died in 1919.

3. Apparition of Seth Bullock helped a lost child in the hotel back to his room.

4. Items often moved from one place to another by unseen forces.

5. Many guests and staff members have reported hearing their name called out by a male voice when no one is visibly present. Also whistling has been heard in various rooms.

6. Lights and major appliances turn on and off seemingly by themselves.

7. Apparition identified as Seth Bullock seen by guests and staff in various areas of the hotel. A staff member saw the most complete apparition of Seth near the restaurant in 1989. (see photo in evidence section, resembles Seth Bullock)

8. Reports of people being tapped on the shoulder by unseen hands.

9. Sounds of footsteps heard through out the hotel by staff and guests.

10. Some photographs that have been taken in the hotel by guests have produced anomalies. One particular photo was taken in room #211 and shows a white cloudy figure hovering over the bed. Again this room is where Seth supposedly died in 1919.

11. Plates and glasses shake and take flight of their own accord in the restaurant area.

12. The apparition of a young girl has been seen in the hotel as well.

13. A staff member witnessed movement of several barstools while in the basement dining area.

14. Paranormal activity seems to increase whenever a staff member whistles hums or stands idle.

15. Cleaning carts have moved on their own.

16. Shower turned on in room #208 by itself and sprayed a staff member.

17. An antique clock that no longer functions in room #305 will chime at times when staff members enter to clean the room. This room is named the Bullock Suite.

18. Toilet paper unrolled to floor by unseen hands right after staff had replaced a new full roll.

19. Water turned on and off by unseen hands.

20. Shadows witnessed by various people on walls or out of the corner of their eye.

21. Psychic Sandy Bullock (no proven relation to Seth) who has lived in England all his life claims to have received messages from Seth Bullock in 1991 and 92 with concerns about Deadwoods future.

22. In room 314. The bed has been moved as if someone gets in followed by cold spots reported. The blanket get’s tugged. Pennies on the desk moved around.