Haunted Rooms – Bullock Hotel

People always ask, what’s the most haunted room at the Bullock Hotel?  Well, to quote the staff at the Bullock, “they all are, honey”!  I can personally testify to 2 Room’s for sure and one that didn’t live up to my expectations.

Room 314, is one of my personal favorites.  I have stayed in that room 4 time’s over the last 5 years.  And every time we stayed there I had a hard time sleeping during the night.

Things that I have had happen in room 314 and 310

  • Cold spots on the bed that moves, and feels like something is right above you
  • bed move’s as if someone sat on the edge of the bed
  • Hearing the coins on the desk moving around
  • EMF detector went off several times on it’s own, while we just had the meter placed on the end table.
  • Overall feeling of “something” in the room.

We decided to change thing’s up this year and try a different room.  We were recommended room 313.  I’ve heard that this is one of the most haunted room’s at the Bullock Hotel, and decided why not?  I realize that paranormal activity doesn’t alway’s happen when you want it to or when you expect it to.  So with this stay in room 313, we were not visited this trip.  Which is okay.  I still belive this room is very haunted, and perhaps the next time I visit i will be in for a surprise.

Rooms that have activity (The entire Bullock Hotel, is haunted.  But these rooms are some that get wrote in to us)

  • Room 211
  • Room 205
  • Room 209
  • Room  207
  • Room 305
  • Room 310
  • Room 313
  • Room 314
  • Room 315
  • Room 302



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One Response to “Haunted Rooms – Bullock Hotel”

  1. My boyfriend and I just got back from our two week vacation. We stay at the Bullock hotel in room 201. I didn’t feel anything that would make me think I wasn’t alone however while we were on the ghost tour I felt every hair on my head stand on end. Kinda like a shiver. It was a very strange feeling. I wrote it off as the hotel being cold. When we left the hotel I went through my photos and found a photo that was taken upside down during the ghost tour. I figured I hit the camera by accident. I thought about it and decided it was strange to have a picture taken by mistake to be so straight. I showed my boyfriend who informed me that the I Phones cant take a photo upside down. I didn’t know this so I tried to take a photo upside down. He was right. The photo corrected itself. I have tried to take photos in the mirror but nothing I have tried gave me the same result. On our way back though South Dakota we decided to stay at the Bullock again. We got room 314. Something about that room made me insist my boyfriend not leave me alone. We walked about the hotel. My boyfriend went gambling while I went downstairs to Seth Cellar. Karaoke was playing to the left of the stairs so I went to the right near the bar. I was standing there with two other people when something made a strange sound in my right ear. It was such a odd sound I was swinging at the ear with my hand trying to get it to stop. The two people next to me must have thought I had gone mad. I told my boyfriend who laughed at me. I made him order me a beer at Seth Bar while I calmed down. We went to our room to watch television. Twice my boyfriend turned down the TV. I asked what he was doing. He said he heard a train. I said yes, there is a train because I heard it the first night. He turned off the light and was standing in the middle of the room talking to me. Above him was a vent in the ceiling. I seen three white flashes of light come out of the vent while he was walking to bed. I didn’t say anything cause I figured it was a reflection of his walking. My boyfriend is a smoker and is awake every two hours. He woke and wanted to go outside for a smoke. I refused to let him leave the room. I really felt that something would have happened if I was a lone in that room. He got really mad at me but I didn’t care. The next morning he was talking to the manager about the train he heard. The manager told him Deadwood doesn’t have a train in town and hasn’t for many years. When we were getting into the car he looked at the hotel and said ” Something strange happened last night while I was laying in bed. I seen a light” I interrupted him and said ” from the ceiling vent?” He said yes. He describe the same flashed I had seen. We have no explanation for the light coming out of the vent.

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