Ghost Adventures investigate Deadwoods Bullock Hotel: See My Ghost Picture

Ghost in the Bar

Last night I watched Ghost Adventures investigate the Bullock Hotel for their Halloween special. The picture above was taken in 2008 by me. I had no idea I had taken a photo of something until I got home and was going over the pictures. I took about 4 pics of the bar area, this is the only one that has a figure of a face and body by the end of the bar. I personally think it’s Seth Bullock, I have lined up photos of him and his one and they have similar features.

Ghost Adventures at the Bullock Hotel

It has been over 25 years since the Bullock Hotel in Deadwood, SD was last featured on a television show.  Unsolved Mysteries had a 10 minute segment on about the Bullock.

Since I first stayed at the Bullock in the 2008, I have always wondered, why and when will one of these ghost investigating shows come to the Bullock Hotel.

Ghost Adventures finally showed up and they were not let down.

Right away host Zak Bagans was having heavy feelings in Seth’s Cellar, which is located in the basement of the hotel.  He interviewed the Head Chef, John who has medium’s relationship with the spirits.

We learned that Zak and John were having negative feelings towards each other, brought on by the spirits.  Zak and John decided to stay away from each other.  I did think this was odd since I have met John and he has prepared our meals plenty of times, he has always been a really nice guy.  “Kill Zak” is what John heard the spirits say.

Ghostly Feelings in Seth’s Cellar

I personally have had some experiences in the Cellar.  I took that picture of Seth sitting at the bar down there.  I’m not surprised of the paranormal activity they caught down there.

A couple of EVP’s were caught during Zak and John’s first interview.  No doubt, you can hear something being said.  Then strangely they have a piece of equipment that can detect figures, and holy cow, there was a figure right in front of Zak as soon as he said “show yourself”.

The crew also had feelings of being touched.  Including sharp pain to Zak’s lower back and Billy had severe head pain as well as light-headed.  There is something happening down there for sure, the crew had to bolt from the cellar as he couldn’t take it anymore.

Room 314

After they investigated Seth’s Cellar, Aaron to the third floor to check out some of the claims.

I personally always stayed in room 314.  My first experience was super creepy.  I never was able to sleep well in there.  Feelings I would get were being touched, things moving and I always caught some action on my EMF meter. But Aaron’s experience was a little more elevated than mine, or it’s just maybe I was trying to cause any trouble with the spirits.

While Aaron was on the third floor he immediately felt himself get touched when he walked in room 314.  That sent him running down the hall to re-group.  He worked up the courage to go back and then suddenly heard a loud bang down the hall.  Another camera confirmed the bang.

Aaron also couldn’t take the intense feelings and packed up to get up with the rest of the guys.

I don’t blame him, but that never stopped me from staying year after year in room 314.

So what do you think?

I think this was one of the creepiest Ghost Adventures episode’s I have ever seen.  They really were terrified of the Bullock and it’s history.  I love the place and have had my share of things happen.  Heck, it’s the reason why this website even exist, because of my experience at the Bullock.  I wanted to share it with others.

Ghost Adventures did a great job investigating the Hotel.  Of all the places they have been at, this is one of the most haunted of them all.  If you’ve stayed at the Bullock, then I’m sure you would agree with them.



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