Bullock Hotel:The Ghosts Within

These photos were taken by me, in Deadwood, South Dakota at the Bullock Hotel. Quick facts: The picture with the chairs and the blue mist..that is supposely the ghost of sarah. A little girl who died down there of smallpox. Seth Bullock the owner of the hotel in the 1860s turn that area in the smallpox clinic place. Sarah watch her mother die of smallpox and then soon after she herself also died of it. A lot of stories about Sarah’s ghost is that when children are not being watched by there parents she would ask the child to come down to the basement (Seth’s Cellar) to play toys with her. The child later told thier parents that a tall man with gray hair told them to go back to thier parents. Some parents claimed that the child had one hand in the air like holding someone’s hand and the other at the side.


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